Agriculture - Introduction

The Yattendon Estate covers 9,000 acres in Berkshire and comprises farmland given over to dairy, arable and beef and substantial commercial woodland.  Yattendon Estate is now one of the largest private producers of Christmas trees in the UK and harvests more than 50,000 trees each year.

The Estate owns virtually the whole of the beautiful village of Yattendon which forms the heart of the estate.  The village square is listed Grade II and includes a range of local amenities including a village shop, hairdresser, butcher and the renowned Royal Oak hotel.

Yattendon Estate includes a range of residential, commercial, retail and light industrial properties for rent.   A continuous programme of repair and improvements over the years, together with its location in the heart of the Berkshire countryside yet within easy reach of the M4, creates strong demand for residential and commercial properties on the estate.

The Estate is also divided into six shoots and has fifty days shooting available during the season on the two main shoots and the four other shoots are let.

In 1988, the Company purchased a half share in the 5,059ha Syre Estate by Strathnaver, Sutherland, followed in 1992 by a half share in the adjoining North Loch Naver Estate, which added a further 4,452ha.  These two sporting estates own three beats out of the six on the River Naver as well as  Loch Naver.