MDL - Introduction

Marina Developments Ltd (MDL) is Europe's leading marina group.  Established in the 1970s, it owns and operates 19 major marinas and boatyards in the UK and operates Sant Carles Marina in Spain and is a partner in Marina dei Cesari, located on the east coast of Italy.

MDL manages more than 7000 individual berths and has built its reputation on providing the highest level of customer service, marina facilities and security to enable its customers to enjoy their boating experience.

MDL's network of marinas affords it a unique opportunity to offer its customers access to extensive boating opportunities beyond their home berth and has recently launched ‘Freedom Berthing’, enabling customers to berth at any of the marinas within the MDL network. 

The marina sites are home to more than 500 commercial tenants who form an important part of the MDL portfolio including retail sites, restaurants and marine and non-marine related businesses.